• Michael Marshall Smith

    Michael Marshall Smith

    ... and Michael Marshall. Writer of books, sitting-place of cats, tainter of the blank page of purity. Author of INTRUDERS, THE STRAW MEN, and other things.

  • Kate Sullivan

    Kate Sullivan

  • Amanda Kimberley LB

    Amanda Kimberley LB

  • Jake Jackson

    Jake Jackson

    SF & fantasy writer, indie-publishing advocate; artist, illustrator; movie reviews, podcaster, blogger; musician, songwriter, music book creator; world citizen.

  • Rebecca Houghton

    Rebecca Houghton

    Writer • DV survivor • Feminist • Brit in the USA • Neurodiverse • Dog mom to @gabythefiredog • She/her • Seattle • https://linktr.ee/BxHoughton

  • Rachel Holden

    Rachel Holden

  • Ana N. Moss

    Ana N. Moss

  • Peter Haendler

    Peter Haendler

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